Southland Noir

Egan Walsh fights British security forces in Ireland as a member of an IRA flying column, an elite mobile strike unit during the Irish War of independence in 1919-1921. Walsh participates in some of the bloodiest engagements against special British counterinsurgency forces in County Cork. When hostilities end, Walsh is dismayed by the possibility of civil war between opposing factions of the IRA disputing the terms of the treaty, forcing him to leave Ireland for America to find his own peace.

In Boston, Walsh returns to his prewar career as a newspaper reporter. He publishes a successful novel based on his experiences in Ireland that leads to the opportunity to adapt his novel as a silent movie bringing him to Hollywood.

Southland Noir is a tour de force taking the reader from rebellion in the South of Ireland to Southern California during a unique era of growth, mixed with the glitterati of Hollywood, robber barons, and uncommon criminals.