Moscow Winter

Viktor Neiman was born in Moscow to a Jewish professional family. The Russian Revolution of 1917 toppled the last Romanoff Tsar and brought the communist Bolsheviks into power. Civil war followed. At the age of nine, Neiman fled with an aunt and uncle to Paris leaving behind his parents to care for his grandparents. As professionals, Neiman’s parents fell victim to Stalin’s Great Purge in 1938, subsequently dying in forced labor camps of the Soviet Gulag.
In 1940, the invasion of France by Nazi Germany forced Neiman to flee his adopted country for the United States. immediately following Pearl Harbor, he joined the U.S. Army as an officer. With fluency in French, the newly created OSS recruited him beginning a career in intelligence.
Following the end of WWII, with the disbanding of the OSS, Neiman moved to Washington remaining in the U.S. State Department in the Bureau of Intelligence & Research. It is from this position that professional circumstances returns him to Paris. He reunites with the Resistance woman that saved his life during the war that also brings him into the circle of the anti-Soviet expatriate community in Paris.
Circumstances combine to draw Neiman into an unofficial adhoc espionage operation working from Paris against the Soviet Union. Spies on both sides of the Iron Curtain play out life and death struggles in this story of suspense set in the early years of the Cold War.