Literary agent Allison Kryszka travels to the South of France to see her longtime author-client Elliot Gaston. He first tells her of his terminal illness, but shocks her with his assertion that he is over 100 years old, born in the United States as Dillan Murphy.
Gaston-Murphy presents her with a manuscript then begins to recount his strange life narrative to her. Spanning the entire twentieth century as a journalist and writer, he attempts to convince her of the truth of his longevity. By reliving events of his life with such detail, he hopes that she will accept what seems impossible in order to publish his manuscript.
The story of Dillan Murphy is a personal saga starting with turn of the 20th century New York City. Through the two world wars and the post-WWll regional conflicts., his personal story is replete with adventure, tragedies, and triumphs. Underlying these adventures is the difficulty of changing identities to disguise his abnormal longevity.