The Republic of Ireland came into being in 1921, at the end of a bloody insurrection against the British. However, the treaty left the northern six counties under British sovereignty. Since that time, the Protestant majority has dominated the poorer Catholic populace. In 1972, British troops fired on demonstrators, launching more than twenty-five years of sectarian violence and acts of terrorism from both sides.
Mason Devereux, an American freelance photojournalist, is drawn into doing a project on the Northern Ireland troubles. Devereux makes contact with the Irish Republican Army and pitches a proposal. The I.R.A. is interested in publicity showing Protestant paramilitaries’ violence against Catholics.
A deal is struck and Devereux is given access to extraordinary photo opportunities. He accepts the I.R.A.’s assistance, but finds his own way to get incriminating photographs of the I.R.A. own terror tactics. As his duplicity unravels, Devereux finds himself locked in a personal life and death struggle with a renegade I.R.A. faction led by a 1970’s legendary gunman.