Belfast Cover a Novel By Douglas Clark


Havana, Cuba in 1957 was the original gambling sin city. The haunt of the wealthy and

famous offering gambling, sex, and drugs in an exotic Caribbean setting only 90 miles from

Florida. Luxury casinos with five-star hotels, fine dining, and elaborate floorshows with scantily

clad beautiful women. A corrupt dictatorship inviting investment by the American Mafia fuels

Havana’s hospitality industry success.


Cuban-American Bart Landeira resigns from the CIA in disgust after working as a field

operative following service in WWII. Havana is to be a new beginning. He returns to journalism

and unexpectedly becomes involved with the family rum business. Reconnecting with his

estranged father, he learns disturbing details of his father’s involvement with the American

Mafia and Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista.


Landeira’s father is a lawyer with a consulting practice in Tampa, Florida and Havana. The

elder Landeira is also chief financial officer of the family corporation invested in sugar cane,

tobacco, and rum. His father’s consulting work centers on creating shell companies to enable

money laundering and conceal Mafia investment in Havana. Batista’s corrupt partnership with

the Mafia fuels a growing leftist insurgency resulting in violent attempts at repression by the

Cuban Army. Events interact to push Landeira into active political resistance against the Mafia

and the Batista regime.

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